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Date: 2011-01-14 11:24:02
Superbowl Sunday Stuff a Bag Sale!


Superbowl is February 6th this year and that is coming right up!! I have come to look forward to this day because My store has lots of items that I just don't love anymore, and I want to send them home with you. I will be happy! You will be happy! The toys will have a happy home. And, I will have cash to buy new things that excite at TOY FAIR the following weekend!

So, here's the deal. We will be selling two sizes of bags. 1 plastic t-shirt bag for $20, and 1 Plan toys canvas tote for $50 (this tote is about three times the size of a t-shirt bag. Also will not tear when filled to capacity. Something you will value) You take your bag to the clearance tables and get as much stuff as you can fit into it. Bring it to the register, and we will ring those items out and tell you how many hundreds of dollars you have crammed into your bag(s)

Throughout the course of the day I will put more items on the table as the table gets cleared off. I always announce another dump on our facebook page. I announce pretty much everything on our facebook page. 

I will also have many kitchen sets, table and chair sets, a Calico Critter play table, Kettler Tricycles, and several other LARGE items that I will be letting go for a flat $100 each. In every case that will be a 40%-70% discount.!/hopscotchtoysandgames

If you would like more info on the Lego Contest, then check out our newsletter archive here. There is still time for your Lego Maniac (and you!) to enter!