have a perfect party at hopscotch!

bday_fairies.jpg For a truly hassle free and memorable party event book your party at hopscotch! Call to reserve a time (503) 472-3702.

Included in the party package guests will each take home a craft or science activity that they have created at your party, a goodie bag with quality favors, a five spot coupon good for use towards future hopscotch purchases, candy, and gifts from other local businesses.

In addition all decorations, plates, place settings, juice, and face painting will be provided by hopscotch. A hopscotch staff member to set up, run, and clean up after the party is also included. The standard hopscotch party package will cost $175.00 for up to eight children. Each additional child will cost $12.00.

The only thing you provide is the cake and the kids.

The itinerary for a hopscotch birthday party will be as follows.

  • Children will get their faces painted as they arrive. 20 minutes.
  • An old fashioned, active game like pin the tail on the donkey, charades, marco polo, musical chairs, etc. will be hosted. 20 minutes
  • This will be followed by creating a craft that the children will take home with them. 20 minutes
  • The birthday guest of honor will take their place at the head of the party table, candles will be lit, happy birthday will be sung (with or without cha-cha-cha's), gifts will be presented. 30 minutes..
  • The end of the party will be a wind down of reading books or telling stories while parents come to pick up their children.

Birthday party reservations must be made a week in advance with a $50 deposit required upon booking of the party room. Children and guests must be three years old or older.

We want our parties to be a little more earth friendly, so we use washable table dressings, real plates, and jam jars for drinking glasses. The themed party products will be printed and prepared by us, just as we would if we were throwing a birthday party for our own children. The themes will be sweet, non-licensed, timeless classics.

The parent of the birthday child is required to remain on the premises at all times, other parents are free to leave and return at the party's end. We would ask that parents be available to pick up their children one hour and forty five minutes past the start of the party.

You provide the cake and guests, hopscotch will provide the rest!

Please choose from one of our vintage Birthday party themes

We are also happy to host baby showers $100 includes all set up, clean up, provision of plates, flat ware, cups,  decorations, coffee and tea service,  and two hours of party space.

Circus/Carnival:  Carnival games, circus decor, popcorn, balloon animals,  but pretty much creepy clown free.

Rodeo/Horse:  Yee-Ha! This party has a decidedly western feel. Whether you have a cow-girl, or a cowboy, we can rustle up some fun, and lassoo ourselves a very good time!

Classic Tea Party:  Pinkies up! Focus on etiquette in floppy hat and teddy bear fashion.

Vintage Birthday: Complete with all the trimmings, a sweet gender neutral polka-dotty, hopscotchy affair.

Princess: It's all crowns, pomp, and circumstance at our princess parties.

Fairy: We take our fairies seriously at hopscotch. Our fairy parties will lean more towards the woodland sprite variety than the princess with wings so if you want a princess with wings party, do let us know!

Knight: Chivalry is not dead, nor is the desire to slay dragons although we have found that rescuing damsels in distress is pretty low on the priority list for most of our young knights. Sit at the head of the royal court as they pay tribute to you in all your majesty.

Trains: All aboard! Put on your conductors hat, make a train parade, and blow your horn proudly!

Superhero: If you could have any super power what would it be? Do you know the proper way to jump so your cape is always wrinkle free? If you think you could use a lesson or two or would just celebrate how SUPER you and all those other hero's already are, this party is for you!