Birthday Bins!!

Grab a bin and wander around the store filling it with every thing your heart desires! Place it on a shelf and let friends know that everything you want for your birthday is at hopscotch! We love this for a number of reasons.

1.) Many birthday parties are taking place where the parents don't know the child for whom they are shopping. The birthday bins can give them a good idea of what the child likes even if they opt not to choose directly from the bin. Shoppers are always so relieved when there is a bin to help them decide!

2.) It puts the items that the birthday child really wants on hold so they don't wander out the door and go to someone else.

3.) Out of town relatives and friends don't have to pay shipping, and can put their entire investment towards the gift. You can pick up the item wrapped and ready to go to the party.

4.) The bin is limited in size, registry's can include half the store. The bin tends to narrow the desires down to what is really important to the child.

5.) The bin eliminates duplicates and needless returns and exchanges. Once the item is taken out of the bin it won't be sold for that child again.

6.) Your invitations introduce people to our store that may not know we are here. Introductions like these help us stay here.